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Automated homes are the homes of the future. Start thinking of your home as an efficient performance machine rather than a humble dwelling. Homes of the future will be intelligent, preempt the needs of its habitants, become efficient in energy consumption and become autonomous in performance. How your house performs when you’re in it and how it sustains itself when you’re away are key attributes that are driving the new standards of future living. In this post, we bring you some of the newest trends from the smart market and discuss the impacts of transforming your home into a smarter world.

5 Home Automation Trends

Trend 1
Tesla Powerwall
 is a home battery part of the solar power generation. It stores energy through solar panels and powers the electricity in homes. Beautiful and functional at the same time, Powerwall works with a lithium ion battery which powers ones home safely and economically overnight. Solar energy is stored during the day to energise your home at night time. Powerwall stores enough energy to become a total Net Zero solution meaning your home will actually put additional energy back in the grid. Each Tesla Powerwall has a 6.4 kWh energy storage capacity, which is sufficient to power most median sized homes. Additional battery can be added to store more power if required. The cost of  a Tesla Powerwall battery will vary depending on where you live in the world.


Tesla Powerwall can be installed within most homes.
Image source: Tesla.com


Powerwall is weatherproof for any environment.
Image source: Engaget.


Home energy consumption example. Image source: Tesla.com.


Trend 2
Say goodbye to bad WiFi in your home with Eero, a wireless mess network that blankets your home with fast, reliable connectivity. Set up is easy by simply plugging an Eero into your modem then directly into your walls power sockets for total connectivity across your home. Eero’s beautiful and stylish design is a result of it’s simplicity. But under it’s shell lives a mix of an environmental operating system, processors and flash storage plus wireless connectivity all protected by personal passwords.


Each Eero unit is connected to each other and beams wireless connectivity from one to the other. Think of it as a beacon of connectivity. Image source: Eero.com.


Eero simple to use WiFi and easy to set up through an app.
Image source: Eero.


Trend 3
Technology is transforming every aspect of our daily lives, including the way we measure ourselves through fitness wearables, bio-data and more. Meet the new digital tape measure, aptly named Bagel from the design team at Bagel Labs. This tape measure is the latest old school product to be transformed into the digital age by being able to perform 3 core functions of measurement. String mode lets you take measurements in a traditional form by pulling out a coil string which then provides a digital measurement for accuracy. The measurement increments are to the millimetre which is displayed on the digital screen. Wheel mode lets you roll the tap on any surface and the distance is measured digitally and displayed on the Bagels screen. Remote mode will let you measure any hard to get to distance such as floor to ceiling, tree to back door, roof top to ground. By using a ultrasonic beam, Bagel will tell you how far the distance is, accurately. Whats even better is that, Bagel records the measurements directly to the Bagel App using bluetooth connectivity. For more information and where to buy Bagel, watch the film now.



Bagel Smart Tape is now a reality through Kickstarter.
Image source: bagel-labs.com and kickstarter.com


Trend 4
What happens when you are at work and you need to let in a trades person or your friend whose just come back from a world trip? August Smart Lock is an automated intelligent access system for your home and all operated from your smart phone or Apple watch. It works by attaching the August smart lock pod to the existing key lock on the door.Access to your home can be controlled directly from the August Smart app by creating virtual keys for guests. Each access allowance can be customised to suit your guest, so if it’s a delivery drone, then they get a one time access code. And if it’s a regular guest such as an Airbnb property, then you can set the time, date and even delete the guest after they have checked out. The August smart app also lets you track who comes and goes with a unique virtual key for each user that sends you live data to your smart phone as they come and go. Watch this simple film to get you inspired about August smart lock.


August smart lock device is beautiful and lives on the back of your door. Image source: August.com.


A photographic diagram on how the August smart lock works and can be installed. Image source: August.com.



Control who gets access to your home through your August App or your Apple watch. Image source: August.com.


Trend 5
Want to speak to the future? Amazon Echo is an artificial intelligent product build around a person’s voice. Amazon Echo is a beautiful looking designed produyct which is connected to a cloud base service called ‘Alexa’. Alexa is useful within the home environment as it has the ability to give a person an answer to almost any question it is asked. When using Alexa, it feels as if there is another person in the home with you, but the difference is that Amazon Echo is totally at your disposal, kinda of like a virtual assistant. Delivered through an in-built speaker, the voice of Alexa is a woman who connects to a growing cloud based platform which contains music from Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn and more. Alexa also draws information from up to date news channels, local businesses, sports scores and even has the ability to read back audio books while you relax int he comfort of your own home. Alexa fills the room with an immersive, 360 degrees omni-directional audio system that can be heard from virtually anywhere in your home.

What’s more, is that Amazon Echo can control the lights, switches and air conditioning with compatible units by Wemo, Philips Hue, Samsung SmartThigns, Wink, Nest, Insteon and EcoBee smart home devices. That’s the catch. But as we progress into future living, devices, and smart home systems will all work on the same platform, the web. For more on Amazon Echo, watch the reviews here.


Amazon Echo sits beautifully anywhere in your home. Image source Amazon.com


Amazon Echo connects to a cloud based platform of entertainment, services and other useful information. Image source Amazon.com.


Alexa fills the room with immersive, 360 degrees omni-directional audio. Image source: Amazon.com


As we move towards living in homes with total connectivity by 2030, you will witness many changes within the smart home space. According to marketsandmarkets.com, the current total value of the smart home market in the US is worth (USD) $46.97 Billion with a projected grow to (USD) $121.73 Billion by 2022. This opens the market of opportunity for many designers, manufacturers and services associated with the performance of homes. The opportunities are endless. It’s exciting to be a part of this wave of technological advancement however, for those not willing to adapt there will come a time when services and their current infrastructure will become redundant and change will be forced upon most of us.

The Future Hub team is committed to helping people become Future Ready™ and recommend a gradual adoption of new technologies within the home space. As a standard home owner, your kids are probably going to demand most of the items so let them be your guide into this space.

Hero header image sourced from HL23:Luxury Condos, NYC