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Amazon’s 3D Printed Product Store

Amazon have announced the launch of a 3D Printed Products store ( www.amazon.com/3dp ), this will give customers access to more than 200 unique print on-demand products, many that can be customized by material, size, styles and colour variations, and personalized with text and image imprints.  This store will be one of the largest online destinations to discover 3D printed products featuring convenient search tools, interactive 3D preview functionality and product personalization.

Customers will find a wide range of items including jewelry, toys, home décor and fashion accessories. The introduction of 3D printed products suggests a significant shift in online retail and allows each customer to be the product designer. Customisation will give the customer the power to create products to their specifications without having to know the process of 3D printing.

The new store will feature fun and easy-to-use design templates and 3D preview capability to enhance the customer experience. With the 3D product preview function, customers will be able to 360 degree rotate a virtual model of a product to tailor the product from every angle. After an item is personalized and the customer has finished the checkout process, the item is 3D printed on-demand by a manufacturing provider and shipped directly to the customer.

Amazon has positioned itself to be one of the first mainstream retailers in this growing and exciting space.



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