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Driverless Ai Clinic is on it’s way to you

Meet #AiM, the driverless medical clinic that know’s when you need it before you do and will turn up to get you.

Ever heard the phrase ‘ Maintainance is better than Cure’? The clever team at Seattle based studio Artefact have realised a self-driving mobile medical centre for the future.

The team’s goal was to look at an entire eco-system of responsivity, connected with the Internet of Things (IoT) to deliver patient-ready medical diagnosis.


AiM Autonomous Clinic. Image Source: Artefact

Here’s how it works

You connect your health devices at home and your Bio-Wearables on your body to the AiM app. This is a centralized artificial intelligent health system that has the ability to monitor your state of health in real-time. If you are in danger, you will see an #Autonomous #HealthClinic turn up to get you diagnosed.

A quick body scan will then diagnose your condition by sending data to a centralized cloud based Ai system for analysis. This data can be analyzed in mere seconds.

AiM Body Diagnosis. Image Source: Artefact


AiM Health Results in Real-Time. Image Source: Artefact

Augmented reality could also help users point to problem areas using on-body projections, and describe specific symptoms. An on-board pharmacy could carry a constant supply of the more common drugs, so it’s able to dispense medication instantly.

By using autonomous clinics, Artefact suggests the Aim system could avoid long waits and provide more tailored healthcare. Patients can receive diagnoses and further information directly through their app. “Our vision for a scalable, holistic concept of healthcare service delivery gives patients autonomy, while helping care organisations successfully triage cases, manage the burden on the system and allocate resources effectively,” says Artefact.

AiM Virtual Doctor. Image Source: Artefact

For cases that require a specialist, users can hold a video call through the app, which can also summon emergency transport. “The mission of Aim is to close the data, experience and logistical gaps between home and clinical environments,” said the studio.

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