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Autonomous drones will disrupt the future of transport.

The drone economy is more disruptive than you think. Only a few years ago, the global commercial drone market was worth less than (US) $800 million. Drones were seen more as a hobbyist pass time and a superb gift for Christmas but all of this is about to change.

Hello passenger drones… The launch of Chinese autonomous passenger drone company Ehang has fast tracked the growth in this market and brought serious competition such as Airbus, Uber and Mercedes Benz. Airbus has looked at an entire eco-system of travel, from the time a person leaves home, sitting in traffic then summoning a drone via mobile phone to lift them into the air to their destination. Sounds a bit crazy but it is where we are headed with autonomous drone technology.

Airbus concept autonomous drone in partnership with Ital Design. Image > Airbus.

Uber has plans to revolutionise it’s entire company with the idea of UBER Elevate. Calling it the Future of On Demand Urban Transportation, Uber Elevate is designed to cut transportation times for passengers by lifting a drone car into the air which might be a bit cumbersome. Uber aren’t directly building drones, rather they have challenged others to bring this concept to life. Similarly to how Elon Musk gave the world Hyperloop then open sourced the idea for others to bring to life.

In China, the commercial drone market is set to sky rocket to (US) $11 Billion by 2025 according to Indianexpress.com. This drone market has been boosted by clever usage such as aerial filming, farm chemical spraying, forest protection, surveillance and security services.

Drone Crop Duster

Crop dusting in China.

Leading drone manufacturer firm DJI in Shenzhen accounts for an astounding 70% of the market share worldwide with Europe and North America being it’s biggest clients.

The global drone market will impact multiple economies such as the taxi industry, filming and small courier businesses. We are at the start of the hype curve for this emerging trend.

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