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GAMECHANGERS: Marc Newson + Jonathan Ive @Apple Design

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We are living through an age of greatest change since the industrial revolution. Changes in jobs, education, economies, the IoT, wearable devices, all of which is brought on by the rise of technology and our entrepreneurship appetite for wanting more. Gamechangers are the world’s new rockstars and have the ability to drive economic equity and grow the value of products and brands in markets. Two such gamechangers are one of the most accomplished and influential designers of our generation, Marc Newson. And the extraordinary talented Jonathan Ive from Apple Inc.

Marc Newson has created design solutions across a wide range of categories from furniture, bicycles, cars, jumbo jet interiors, yachts and even G-Star Raw fashion collections. His signature clean line and quirky organic designs have cemented his contribution in the design industry on a global scale for clients such as Apple, B&B Italia, Canon, Dom Perignon, Lanvin, Microsoft and Qantas Airways. Time magazine has positioned Marc as one of the most 100 Influential People in the World.

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Newson has single handedly created runway successes for every client he has touched, and non-more so than that of Nike. Newson helped to trigger a manufacturing revolution by designing and creating the Nike Zvezdochka. The shoe is made of four interchangeable parts and designed with the approach of being industrial products instead of Nike’s traditional fabric garments. This disruptive approach forced Nike to re-evaluate their processes of product and development.

Nike CEO Mark Parker

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In an interview between Nike and Dezeen, CEO Mark Parker confirmed the high importance the Zvezdochka shoe project and how it has influenced a ‘manufacturing revolution at Nike. Parker also confirmed this revolution has paved the way for breakthrough product development such as the Nike Flyknit and how Nike now approached the use of new tools such as 3-D Printing.


Jonathan Ive is an industrial design that has become Apple’s greatest product. Ive’s is Chief of Design at Apple. His greatest accomplishments to date have been establishing the build and finish on gamechanging Apple products such as the iMac, Macbook Pro, iPod, iPhone and more recently the iPad. When Steve Jobs returned to Apple, he spotted the young Ive’s working in the Apple design department on a revolutionary design for a computer shell, which as we all know later became Jobs’ first signature move as CEO of Apple.

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The creation of the Apple iPod, single handedly revolutionised the music industry by famously being able to put ‘a 1000 songs in your pocket.’ (Campaign line for launch of the Apple iPod in October 2001). Jobs’ and Ive’s worked together with the strategy to provide a full service offering to customers by creating the iPod and iTunes. iTunes shifted the music industry by creating a platform whereby people could access songs for as little as 99cents. It was a difficult venture by Jobs’ to convince the music industry to let go of millions expected by the sale of cd’s to billions being able to be earned the iTunes online sales portal. The arrival of the Apple iPod became a cultural phenomenon and generated a cult like following by millions around the globe. It’s design, a true revolution. It’s one thumb operation wheel was like nothing the world had seen and signature white earphones created an instant cultural coolness status.

iOS-1     Apple_iMAC  mac-pro-black



The Marc Newson + Jonathan Ive Design Trend Effect. Marc Newson recently joined Apple’s design department and together with Jonathan Ive’s are on the verge of a diabolic Technological Design Revolution. Both Newson and Ive’s have been friends and collaborators for many years and share an obsession for creating objects that benefits people lives and also challenges design principles.

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In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, both Ive’s and Newson stated that their common obsession and fanaticism for design and seemingly different approach to it would broaden the aperture of future Apple products. Their neurotic appetite for perfection is based on how things are created and how it comes together in the final product stage. Ive’s signature minimalist design aesthetic and Newson’s futuristic Jetson like approach is sure to create a future platform for extraordinary, gamechanging outcomes.


The tide is certainly shifting into a different direction for Apple, who has made another recent addition to their team, Angela Ahrendts, former CEO at Burberry. Apple are making a run at the design world on another level and together with their strong leadership capabilities and foray into the wearable device world aka Apple iWatch, one can only imagine what we can expect in the future. Perhaps an Apple Wearable Fashion brand, Apple Designer Home brand or perhaps an Apple Car. Together with Jonathan Ive and Marc Newson, Ahdrendts has the opportunity to shape culture and techno driven economies into a desirable future.