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Seattle is fast becoming a burgeoning #TechStartUp capital, attracting some of the most fierce and intelligent modern day innovators. It’s the birth place of Starbucks after all and a very clever serial entrepreneur named Bill Moore. Moore grew Starbucks before IPO stage into the global juggernaut that it has become today, and was responsible for RootMetrics, gaming site Sierra Online and Allrecipes.com. All of which has delivered strong results and shaped economic markets around the world.

Moore has been brought on board to champion sensory technology electronics company Human Inc, co-founded by Benjamin Willis (below left) and Joe Dieter (below right). The pair started working on a better solution for sound delivered to the smarter future human and created their company with it’s first product focused on ‘Total Sound Encapsulation’. Headphone designs have always been trendy but this pair have created a vision to champion change and prepare for total connectivity through sound.


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Human’s nature influenced headphone design
All images source: Human.

Their revolutionary new headphones have been designed for the human form and sensory awareness. By creating a totally encapsulated solution, there is no leakage of sound, therefore creating a heightened sensory experience. The Human product is activated by Touch, is Wireless and has no Buttons. Looking more like a futurised fashion accessory than a pair of #SmartHeadPhones, a user can control incoming calls and all the usual pause, volume adjust and track navigation associated with listening to music. But it does not stop there, the beautiful design gives the user a very considered connectivity with no wires, headbands and a poor sensory experience.


Don’t be fooled by the beautiful design though, this product has the smart digs to prove it’s value in market. Social connectivity is a hot topic for this company. The Human headphones, can connect up to 20 pairs to a single audio source, taking sharing to the next level. And even more useful is it’s REM-Assist Rhythm technology which tracks sleep cycles in low-power mode then has the ability to gently awaken the user… A user can speak with almost anyone, anywhere in real-time with these headphones and experience instant language translation. Handy, when you need to order food in a foreign country. Now if that’s not enough for you, Human Headphones also has the ability to track Bio-Data through one of the most powerful pulses on the human body, behind the ear.




Human Co-founders – Benjamin Willis (left) and Joe Dieter (right). Image source: Human Inc.



The Human headphone technology will transform the headset market, currently influenced by Dr Dre’s ‘Beats’, who have become a billion dollar company due to it’s powerful marketing and street Hip-Hop culture. But lets be honest here, ‘Beats’ is more flash than sophistication. It’s a big shiny billboard on a user’s ear rather than appealing to future intelligence. Humans product has the ability to damage companies such as Beats and gain mass market share because it’s product is highly intelligent, social and creates an open source platform for the internet of things. (IoT).

Like most traditional landscapes that are yet to be revolutionised by technology, Human headphones will start automating many services directly to the customer. Economic markets will be reshuffled yet again, and the impact towards companies such as Apple, Samsung and other phone carriers will be huge. The current market standing is just under US $4 Billion according to www.grandviewresearch.com.



Uber and Airbnb have automated traditional markets and disrupted long standing industries overnight. So too will Human Headphones disrupt the services industry as it moves towards connecting direct services to customers, collecting valuable Bio-Data for better health solutions, and more importantly connecting people to the infrastructure of #smartcities. We see this technology as a core driver in human centered design solutions that interact and engage with humans in a seamless manner. Think about delivering services at the sound of a murmur, responsiveness in an emergency, calling your #autonomous #passengerdrone and even signalling your personal #roboticoncerige.

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