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Mercedes Benz just declared war on the #EV market by launching Mercedes ‘EQ’ – Electric Intelligence. EQ is more of a platform that will support all things electric related to the navigation of it’s electric vehicles. You can expect Power stations, home charger and home battery packs and products such as the ‘Generation EQ’ SUV as featured above. Let’t take a dive into it’s first product and see what new innovation this German auto manufacturer will deliver to the world.

Gorden Wagener – VP of Design at Mercedes Benz

The Generation EQ vehicle is aimed at next generation customers. This vehicle is the hottest and coolest design in the #EV market lead by Gorden Wagener – VP of Design at Mercedes Benz. Amplifying Mercedes’s signature coke bottle exterior aesthetic, the Gen EQ vehicle mixes emotional design with advanced intelligence to generate the most advanced electric vehicle in market. This new language of design is influenced by the modern day user functionality of smart phones for it’s interior and exterior solutions. It features smart panels on both the front and rear like the screen of a smart phone. These panels project electric graphic communications to replace the standard grill, brand emblem and lighting solutions which only #EVs can achieve. This new design language is carried through to the interior dashboard and operational panels of the Gen EQ vehicle. With full touch, slide and push notifications, it feels more like a vehicle purpose built for #SmartCities and the #ElectricGeneration.

Front Grill Headlamps and Emblem replaced with end-to-end Full Display.

Rearlamps and Brand Emblem replaced with end-to-end Full Display.

Interior Solutions Feature Full Wide Screen Heads Up Display and Full Touch Screen Capabilities for the Instrument Cluster.

Interior Solution

Boasting Mercedes Benz full #autonomous and #driverassist capabilities, the Gen EQ vehicle is a car for the future. The interior creates a world of total connectivity, and flawless innovative design thinking. Everything illuminates and sends the driver electronic messages whilst driving. Safety, Autonomy and Beautiful Design caters for the demanding next generation customer.

Battery Range and Charging
The Gen EQ battery will be able to provide a distance of up to 250 miles with a single charge. Fast charging is delivered with a Combined Charging System charge of a floor-mat looking device plus your standard wall charger. It will produce charge rates of up to 50KW – 150KW at a time.

Visit the Paris Motorshow Launch here.

Mercedes EQ Platform Market Impacts
According to PRN, the electric vehicle market is expected to reach more than (US) $100 Billion by 2020. This year alone has seen 15 new electric cars that make it to market such as Tesla Model X, BMW X5 eDrive, VW Passat GTE Plug-In, Audi A3 e-Tron and Q7 Plug-in and BYD Qin Plug-In Hybrid. The war is on and with Mercedes spending more than (US) $22 Million per day on R&D, it’s difficult to see who can challenge them in this space.

Whilst Tesla has created the market, Future Hub predicts the Mercedes Benz EQ Platform will own the #EV market. By this, we mean they will become the major suppliers to major auto manufacturers which is where they currently make most of their profit. Mercedes, will impact the #HomeAutomation market shifting towards a sustainable energy alternative to Tesla.

Mercedes EQ Platform Market Opportunities
There are several key market opportunities to tie in with Mercedes’s EQ Platform.

Firstly, calling all app developers who have generated #SmartMapping services that can one day integrate within the dashboard mapping display. Localised services that Google cannot tap into will be advantageous to drivers, especially tourists who are looking for local experiences.

Realestate locations can be turned into charging stations for #EV’s. If you own a piece of land, close to high traffic, then this is an opportunity to implement self standing charging stations using your own electricity supply. Mercedes Benz could lease the land from owners to support the infrastructure required to charge #EV’s.

Integrated #SmartCity solutions. This is going to be the biggest opportunity to integrate with the Mercedes Benz EQ Platform. From charging stations, to connecting your services to talk to Mercedes Vehicles as they move #Autonomously through urban environments. Think about leveraging these vehicles when they are generally dormant during a work or school day. Couriering, transport and even emergency transport services can be connected to these #EV’s.


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