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Mink – Revolutionising the Cosmetics industry

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Grace Choi, a 30-year-old serial inventor is taking on the $55 billion makeup industry by giving women the power to have what they want, when they want it. Imagine this: you snap a photo of a vivid pink pair of shoes and in less than two minutes you can print a lipstick in that exact colour. You’ll be able to do this in the comfort of your own home with Mink, your personal 3D printer. You don’t even need to have your PHD in cosmetics, know how to code or you don’t need to understand 3D printing.

Mink is undoubtedly a strikingly clever yet simple idea, just like some of the greatest products — something that seems so simple that you wonder why you didn’t come up with it yourself. The Mink (which is currently in early prototype form) will retail for around US$300 and is sure to disrupt the entire cosmetic industry.

Grace Choi @TechCrunch Disrupt


Grace Choi @CNN



Grace Choi @TechCrunch Disrupt


Grace Choi @TechCrunch Disrupt