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A new era in design disruption is here and it’s shifting the paradigms of how we perceive, interpret, communicate and do business everyday. New technologies are challenging and opening pioneering opportunities for designers to develop solutions. In this article, we will look at how the team at InvisionApp are leading the charge in a collaborative design for the world.

InvisionApp is the world’s leading prototyping, collaboration and workflow platform tool.  InvisionApp have set up a global style to run their company with 185 people spread across 14 different countries. They are totally remote. Their core purpose is to gain major insight into what businesses and teams are looking for when it comes to collaborative UX design, so by positioning themselves locally, they gain market and cultural understanding. Driven by a promise to Design Better. Faster. Together…, InVision have created a culture which drives connectivity to modern businesses through collaboration. Click on below to view InvisionApp film.


In a short amount of time, InvisionApp has garnered over a million users and used by the smartest, fastest growing companies shaping design-driven solutions around the world. Companies such as Twitter, Evernote, Google, Netflix, Facebook, Mailchimp, Dropbox, Pinterest, Zendesk, Salesforce, Xero, Airbnb, Spotify and more.

Lets lift the hood on the InvisionApp platform to give you an idea of why people have embraced this platform. Key Features includePowerful design protoyping tools, Design sharing + Presentation tools, Design feedback + the ability to get comments from across the globe, Real-Time Design meetings + Whiteboarding, Design Organisation + Collaboration, Project Management for Designers and User Testing + Research.

See key visuals below for examples of these. Image Source: InvisionApp

mockup-8 mockup-5


Key uses by designers so far have been across Prototyping for Websites + Web Apps, Mobile + Tablet Platforms (iOS + Android), Wearables (AppleWatch + Android), Sketch Prototyping including Photoshop. The InvisionApp platform is being pushed by a broad design landscape and in the process many collaborative partnerships have been formed. One such partnership has been betweenInVision +Dribbble, the design community. The collaboration now offers some 900,000 InVision users one-click sharing and feedback from Dribbble’s 800,000-strong designer social network.


At Future Hub, we champion future focused business solutions such as the InvisionApp. Especially when the platform taps into the benefit for a global audience. As a consequence of connecting to the best of breed businesses, InvisionApp has created a film called Design Disruptors, which showcases why these leading businesses use design to champion their success. VIEW THE DESIGN DISRUPTORS TRAILER


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