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The Apple Watch Revolution

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The Apple Watch will impact your life in ways you haven’t dreamed about. There has been much speculation about why Apple is creating a watch in the first place and whether or not the company actually understands the watch market. One thing is for sure, Apple products have challenged convention since the very beginning and we are privileged to be able to discuss the pros and cons of this wearable device and its impacts in industry. VIEW FILM


Apple Watch comes in three key styles: Sport mode, style or traditional.



Apple Watch connects with its own App eco-system.



Firstly, it’s important to think about the Apple Watch as more than a watch. It’s a wearable device that has the capabilities to organise and guide people’s lives in real time, contribute towards better health and tap into the future services of smart cities – the way we will live in the future.


At Future Hub we recognise ‘TIME’ as being the most important luxury of our modern world. The Apple Watch contributes to this by syncing your lifestyle in a way that no other device in the market currently does. Connecting to your calendar and your contacts, recording your health performance and helping you to become more efficient by getting the most out of every moment. Apple have customised the watch to give a user features such as a chronograph face for the traditionalist, bold clean colours for the creative class, a flexible modular grid system, and staples such as a stop watch in hybrid mode. There is also an analog version for classic contemporary functions and a digital interface showcasing all of your apps in one spot.



One of its main features is a snap shot glance system focusing on guiding a users day through 3 keys nodes – ‘where, when, and how.’
• Where – Tells a user where they need to be next.
• When – Tells the user what time they need to leave, depending on their location and traffic conditions on route to their scheduled destination.
• How – The watch tells the user the best route to get to their destination, therefore ensuring they are on time.


Apple Pay – Where the Apple Watch really starts coming to life is when it syncs to Apple Pay. They call this convenient checkout, and it is the very core of what we stand for at Future Luxury®. With Apple Pay, a user can sync their watch to their mobile app device payment system, then with the double click of a button, and holding the face of their Apple Watch near the contactless reader – they can make a payment.

Confirmation of the sent payment is a gentle pulse and vibration/tone – a complete revolution in convenience, time, luxury and technological advancement.



Apple Health & Fitness Tracker – As humans we are obsessed with personal development and performance, and more recently the millennial generation has become obsessed with health and fitness. The Apple Watch’s capabilities and focus on health is bound to impact many industries – but more on this later. It has been designed with the simplicity of tracking people’s movements as they increase their activity levels. It targets everyone from office workers, those who work out a few times a week to high-performance athletes.


The Apple Watch encourages everyday people to get up if sitting down, with synchronised intelligent reminders and measurements to reach your daily calorie goals. The Activity app on the watch encourages people to maintain active lifestyles by achieving 3 daily fitness goals:

  • Stand – Stand up for at least 1 minute in every hour.
  • Move – Hit your personal calorie burn goal by moving more.
  • Exercise – Accumulate 30 minutes of activity at or above a brisk walk.

Smart features such an Accelerometer measures a higher level of performance by tracking a person’s heart rate, while the GPS and WiFi track how far and fast their movement is achieved.

The Apple Watch is another gamechanging creation by Apple Inc, a company who, in many ways, is just getting started. The Apple Watch, like the iMac, iPod and iPhone before it will impact on many industries from fashion through style, sporting through performance tracking, health by tracking heart rate and, from a macro perspective, the way it will connect to services within smart cities. The impact of being able to measure and capture the movements and health of people within smart cities can help emergency services, assist with traffic flow, allow for automated and personalised services such as grocery deliveries and much more.



  • Fashion Industry
  • Pharmaceuticals industry
  • Sporting industry
  • Digital Designers
  • Medical Industry – Doctors need to know how to analyse data
  • Consumer becomes the creator
  • Self Diagnosis
  • Satellite Navigation Systems
  • Transport services

All images sourced from apple.com