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The Retail Pop up Revolution

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We are only at the beginning of the transformation of retail from the traditional bricks and mortar, the online revolution and the combination of the two. Retail brands need to give a reason to their customers to travel to a traditional store to buy their products. We are not witnessing the demise of bricks and mortar outlets but a transformation in how they exist physically. This is where the evolution to pop ups is gathering speed. We are now seeing brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Gap moving into this space.


So why pop-ups, well they allow brands to show off their wares whether they are a traditional bricks and mortar outlet or an online outlet closing the gap between pure online and physical retail. For the online brands it gives them exposure that cannot get online, with consumers able to feel, touch and experience there brands.

Pop-ups provide the element of “surprise” something new for consumers to explore. You just have to visit any shopping mall across the world, whenever there is a new outlet that opens up, people walk into the store. It also allows the retailer to test new store formats, product ranges, layouts and technologies with current and future consumers, without having to risk a major role out across all their stores, and see it fail. It allows them to create unique experiences for their current and future customers. Moving from one suburb to another; gathering new customers where they pop up, and once discovered will follow them both online and offline.

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From fashion retailers to cafes we will see an increase in this format in the coming years. You can set up your pop-up store in a shopping mall, shopping strip, even in an old factory or car park.


Landlords will need to wake up to this change and get onboard. Gone are the days where you will have one tenant leasing your shop front for years. It will now be locking it away lease for months not years. Brands will be here today and gone in a couple of month’s time.


Within this transformation we are seeing a new breed of real estate entrepreneurs who are dealing with brands and landlords. Space Republic see the future and are creating a boutique market place for landlords to lease their vacant spaces for short term for pop-up stores. It also allows provides brands with a rich list of potential spaces.

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