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Top Future Jobs by 2025

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Major systematic change is what we are currently living through. Technology is the biggest gamechanger in our lives and the impact this alone will create tsunami like ripples throughout the job market. What will the global job market look like in the next ten years and most importantly, what jobs will disappear?

One thing is for sure, 60% of the worlds’ best jobs by 2025 have not yet been invented. {1} Many people are afraid of future change but what is not understood is that these changes are actually providing skills and capabilities we could have only imagined from movies such as Minority Report or iRobot.


  1. Personal Food Shopper – Someone who does your shopping tailored to your needs and choices.
  2. Digital Detox Specialist – People who control the amount of data entered into ones life. This will lead to digital Rehab centres.
  3. Genetic Designers & Engineers – Genetic modification and creation will be the norm in ten years time.gran-idea11
  4. Traffic Flow Analyzers – Smart cities will create many jobs, this being one of them.
  5. 3D Material Experts – Think textile creators but rather people who work with 3D printed materials.
  6. 3Dimensionalists – People who think in the 3D space.snacks1-750x422
  7. 3D Food Printer Chef – Culinary masters will experiment by printing their creations.
  8. 3D Printed Fashion Designers and Stylists – People who understanding technical and creative boundaries of using 3D printed materials.
  9. Augmented Reality Architects – Those who specialise in visualisation through augmented reality.
  10. Avatar Police – These people would manage dangerous relationships established online and any criminal activity.
  11. Urban Farmers – These are those who take care of the infrastructure associated with curating all vertical gardens.
  12. Localpreneurs – Those who specialize in innovating to local economies.swumanoid
  13. Personal Bot Mechanic – People who look after your personal robots.
  14. Robot Designers – These people create personalised exoskeletons for your robots.
  15. Connected Therapist – People who deal with social issues created by technological advancements.
  16. Online Education Brokers – Companies who tailor bespoke learning solutions catering to student needs and choices.